Party Ticketing 101

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Here we are again: VMworld US 2014 is around the corner and as excited as everyone is for the conference, there’s this “little” party that everyone is wanting to attend in order to kick off the week just right.

Q: How do I get into The Party?
A: You’ll need a wrist band for entry (a second wristband may be required to be served alcohol).

Q: Okay, I’ll bite: How do I get a wrist band?
A: There are three ways to get a wrist band:

  1. Sponsor give-away
    Sponsors have wrist bands; show them some love, and they may show some back in the form of a VIP wrist band!
  2. Opening Acts participation
    We’ve posted it and talked about it: Attend Opening Acts and participate and you can earn a wrist band.
  3. Ticket exchange
    Buy a ticket (see below) and exchange it for a wrist band outside the door the night of the party.

QTell me a little more about that third option…
A: As in previous years, we’ll be using EventBrite to handle ticketing.

  • We’re a community driven event; pay attention to other VMware communities for surprise releases. Hint: follow @vmunderground on Twitter
  • We will be releasing tickets in six (6) scheduled rounds, across three weeks. Times and days will span the clock and day-of-week to offer many, many opportunities to get tickets:
    Round Date Time (PDT/UTC-7)
    1 Mon, 4-Aug 4am
    2 Thu, 7-Aug 12pm (noon)
    3 Sun, 10-Aug 8pm
    4 Wed, 13-Aug 10am
    5 Sat, 16-Aug 6pm
    6 Wed, 20-Aug 2am

Other relevant details:

  1. Tickets are sold through Eventbrite ( and are $10 each.
  2. Buyer Maximums: two (2) tickets per round, up to a total of five (5) tickets per buyer. Eventbrite has minimal controls to keep you honest on the front end, but we will be going through the completed transactions and refunding purchases that don’t meet our community rules.
  3. You can buy one (1) ticket per transaction. We understand that people like to pick up tickets for their spouse/friends/co-workers, and that’s fine as long as you know for sure they’re going to be in attendance. If you’re picking up extra tickets so that you can offer them to customers who might be coming, you should have spoken to us about sponsoring. If you’re picking up extra tickets just to have one or two on hand to “be the hero” for someone who wasn’t able to get one, you’re being a jerk and extra tickets will be cancelled & refunded.
    You will need to supply the name and email address for each attendee for whom you’re purchasing a ticket; each attendee will receive his/her ticket electronically.
  4. Please do not try and game the system. If we believe someone is not following the spirit of the thing and is trying to use “the letter of the law” to get additional tickets, we will refund his/her purchases and refuse entry at the door. The decision of the team is final, and there is no appeal process.
  5. If a ticket is refunded, only the purchaser will be notified. The original ticket recipient will only realize that his/her ticket is no longer valid when attempting to check in, only to be denied. Don’t cause anyone embarrassment if purchasing tickets for others: stick to the spirit of the rules and we’ll all have fun.
  6. Tickets DO NOT guarantee entry into the event. We open the doors at 8pm the night of the party, and only wristband holders are allowed in. After 9pm we open the doors to anyone with a VMworld badge. When we hit capacity, no one else comes in, whether they have a badge, ticket, wristband or other sort of credential (that’s the Fire Marshall’s rules, not ours); only if someone leaves will folks waiting outside get the opportunity to enter.
  7. Proof-of-age is required at the event; neither a VMworld badge nor “word of a friend” will be sufficient. For those of you not from the US, you must be at least 21 years old to be served alcohol; we will not permit entry to anyone under that age, whether they intend on consuming alcoholic drinks or not.
  8. The organizers reserve the right to deny entry—or eject someone already inside—to anyone breaking Wheaton’s Law.

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