Theron Conrey

Theron is currently a virtualization geek wandering around storageland.  He is an active member of his local LUG and a notorious rabble-rouser at his local VMUG. In his free time Theron is the sole proprietor of a small open source based hosting company. Yea, he’s one of THOSE guys. Theron doesn’t usually write about himself in the third person. You can follow him on twitter @theronconrey or contact him via email at More info and contact information here.

Sean Clark

Sean is a cloud/virtualization consultant for TEKsystems working with a Fortune 500 company currently.  He is also the instructor of the VMware Site Recovery Manager section of the latest Train Signal VMware Pro Series Vol 2 video available now.  Sean is passionate about simplification of IT and helping people chose the right level of abstraction to meet their needs and capabilities. Sean is a VCP ESX 2.5, VI 3.5, and vSphere 4.  VMworld Attendee since 2006, and a 2009 VMware vExpert.  His musings can be found at  You can follow him on Twitter @vseanclark or contact him via email at

Brian Knudtson

Brian got involved in this deal in year 3 and has since become the group’s project manager (no, he’s not interested in PM opportunities!).  Over the years, he’s accumulated some mad community creds, including being an early member of the VMTN forum, co-founding the Omaha-area VMUG (with continued involvement), attaining vExpert status every year, speaking at numerous VMUG and VMware events, sponsoring many VMUGs and attending many, many more.  Oh, and there’s this VMworld Alumni Elite thing.  You can find him (occasionally) blogging for himself at and can be followed on Twitter @bknudtson.

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