Month: March 2020

A Little Family and #vCommunity Fun

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Updated on 30 March 2020: We have postponed this event until April 7. Please continue to share with, encourage, and be kind to one another. We look forward to connecting with you soon!

By now, most of you have been cooped up at home for several days. It’s been pretty amazing to see the number of community calls popping up all over the place to keep us connected to one another. VMunderground even hosted one last week that was fun for connecting with old friends and meeting some new ones. But while it was cool to hang out for a couple of hours together, we felt it was missing something. It honestly kind of felt a bit like an extension to our work day, since most of our work day is spent talking to people through a video screen. We also felt like we weren’t using our time wisely by cutting our families out of that time. So we decided to do something different and fun that can bring us together with our #vCommunity friends AND our families at the same time.

Introducing VMunderground Trivia Night!

We decided to put together a free family-friendly trivia night that we can all participate in together across the globe, and with the people we’re sitting next to on the couch. Here’s how it’ll work:

  • Everyone joins a single Zoom session
  • Open up a web browser to provide your answers
  • 10 questions per round (don’t worry, they won’t be focused only on tech)
  • 6 rounds with short breaks in-between
  • Participate by yourself or as a team with your family/housemates
  • One sponsor that will provide prizes to the top scorers (they will receive a list of emails for all participants)

We’re still working out a lot of the details, but we are hoping to do this every other week…

Starting Tuesday, March 31 April 7 at 8pm EDT (5p PDT)

Want to participate? GREAT! Go ahead and mark it on your calendar. Between now and Tuesday, we’ll send out the Zoom link and the information to register to participate. Keep an eye out for updates on this site and @vmunderground on Twitter.