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VMworld 2009 Sunday Night Extravaganza

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Sunday, August 30th 2009. 7-10PM


It’s a party.  Now, don’t expect endless free booze and an eight course meal. There will be some food.  There may even be some drinks, but you’ll want to bring some money for beverages or a serious meal.  Try to win some prizes. Have a good time.  We’re looking forward to hanging out and getting a great start to what will be, we’re sure, a great week.

Technology talk and networking with your peers is strongly encouraged, however if you’re talking about a product you sell, you’re buying drinks (sponsoring vendors excluded of course), We will hear no excuses (seriously, we’ve worked out a deal for you to work it off in the kitchen). Vendor engineers are excluded from this rule again this year as they tend to be extremely funny after a few pints, and can’t help themselves.


You and about 150 of your fellow attendees.  Along with some vendor types raffling off some goodies.  It’s going to be a full on shindig.  If you want to be involved in the raffle however, you’re going to need to RSVP here.  Also, obviously, you need to be present to win.  I’m sure you can remember how annoying it is, standing there, hearing someone elses name win the prize you really want. Only they’re not there.  Annoying.  If you win something and you’re not there, we’ll find a way to embarass you.  Seriously.  So please, only RSVP if you’re planning on showing up.


We’ll be starting the evening @ the Thirsty Bear, we’ll be the geeks looking out of place.  Or if for some odd reason the entire bar is full of geek types, just ask for the “VMworld 2009 Sunday Night Warm Up Extravaganza”.  It’s a mouthful, but it’ll be worth it.


As we’re flying by the seat of our pants here, if you’re planning on dropping by, we’d like to know!

Let us know you’ll be there and get your name in the raffle!

Please add your Contact information in the thread here and write how cool the sunday night warm up is going to be. And because we think dropbox (shameless link) is so awesome, if you submit your “statement of cool” in limerick form, you’ll get two entries in the raffle instead of one.

To much cool for one thread?  We think not.

Best limerick gets the “answered successfully” on the forum and wins a book TBA.  Names will be submitted for the raffle from the RSVP list on, so don’t forget to let us know you’re coming!

Here’s another link for the thread for those of you who missed the glaring hyperlink above:

Let the world (at least the twitter world) know too

Yes – I’ll be there!

Nope – Not this year fellas…