Who We Are

Brian Knudtson

Brian self describes as a “community guy” and believes that the power of a passionate bunch of people is something to behold.  He currently works at iland having made a successful escape from the world of “Marketing.” Being the most consistent VMware conference attendee of the group, Brian has become the de facto leader of this circus. [ed: God help us all.] Blogs at http://www.knudt.net/vblog. Tweets at @bknudtson. More bio on our Founders page (because…you know…deduplication).

Jim Millard

After a decade in the vCommunity, Jim joined the “VMware mothership” and serves as a Solution Engineer for the SLED (State/Local/Education) vertical, covering three states in the Midwest. In addition to serving a fourth term as Veeam Vanguard, Jim has been a member of the leadership team for the Kansas City VMUG chapter since early 2007; like Brian, he is also an every-time vExpert and has served on VMware’s Partner Technical Advisory Board (PTAB). In addition to a myriad of technical certifications—including multiple VMware VCP and VCAP certs—Jim holds dual Bachelor’s degrees in Chemistry and Computer Science from Rockhurst University and holds patents from his previous life in the oil & gas industry. You can find his sometimes-virtualization-related blog at http://blog.millard.org and can follow him on Twitter @millardjk

Michael Letschin

Michael was one of the only “Community” guys with an MBA and some technical background (another pesky vExpert too) so he is now the money man. Making sure that all the food and drink gets paid for and dealing with “the man”. In his day job Michael is the Field CTO at Nexenta but has been on the vendor, reseller and client side of IT. He can be found on Twitter at @mletschin or when he occasionally blogs(not that often anymore) at thesolutionsarchitect.net.

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