What We Do

From humble beginnings, VMunderground has grown into the biggest community organized event at VMworld. Sunday night was always about vendor dinners and vendor parties. As every small customer out there knows, not everyone makes these invite lists. VMunderground was established to provide a more open, community-focused venue for the VMware community. It’s proven to be a great way to start talking with others about what they’re doing with the technology and relax after a long day of travel.

For nine years, we’ve strived to provide a platform for attendees to make new friends. See old friends. Drink a few pints. See what people are looking forward to in the coming week. Talk tech. Unwind. Wind up.

With a crack team of party-planning specialists, a pile of great sponsors, and great venues we’ve got you covered. Whether it’s an event at VMworld, or one of our alternate locations, VMunderground hopes you find a way to break out of the mold.

Get ready.  This year is going to be crazy.

#VMunderground Crew

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