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2012 WuPaaS Golden Ticket Update

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Judging by the questions Brian, Theron and I are receiving on Twitter, email and in the men’s restroom, there is some keen interest on when tickets for the 2012 VMunderground WuPaaS (Warm-up Party as a Service) will be available.  So this blog post was necessary to communicate our intentions and to provide you instructions on how to get signed up AND how to be a responsible attendee of the party.

1. Physical Requirement

Make sure you can physically be in San Francisco on Sunday, August 26, at Jillian’s near the Moscone Center by 8 PM.  The party goes from 8 PM to 11 PM.

2. Ticket Required

If you satisfy condition #1, then know that you’ll need to have a ticket to gain entry to the WuPaaS event or be invited by one of our magnanimous sponsors.

3. Ticket Registration

Ticket registration will go live at Wednesday, August 1, 3:00 PM CDT (Chicago summer time) on EventBrite: – Have your credit card in hand and ready.

4. Why is there a fee to a free party?

In the past we’ve had issues with people snapping up tickets for others and sometimes they didn’t end up showing up. Or they requested more tickets than they needed.  Our solution good, bad or ugly is to use the EventBrite features to take a small donation. In doing so we’ll donate 100% of the ticket sale proceeds to a local charity in the hosting city for VMworld as a way of saying thanks for letting us all party in your town.

This year, For VMworld US 2012 100% of the proceeds of ticket sales will go to Save the Bay.

5. Tickets will go fast!!!

Last year we sold out about 300 tickets in 5 minutes or so.  This year we have an even bigger venue so we’re targeting about 400 tickets for general giveaway, but even with the credit card addition on the sign-up form, we’re expecting these tickets to go quickly.

What if I don’t get a ticket, I’m on vacation or my dog died?

Please check in with our sponsors as they sometimes will offer a contest for a ticket.  Also, with a bigger venue and bigger pool of attendees, there will likely be a better chance to walk-up and gain entry once the deadline for ticketed entry has been reached. Last year we had quite a few walk-ups and I don’t think many (if any) were turned away.  If ticker holders aren’t there by 8:15 PM, whoever is in line gets in.  Since the venue is smack dab in the middle of VMworld City and near most of your hotels, you don’t have anything to lose by showing up for a chance to the party.  Worst case scenario you will meet some good folks in line and your can all go hit a local pub in the area if you can’t get in.
If you fly in late, don’t waste your time with a ticket.  Just show up and crash the party late.

That’s all you should need to know.  As always, keep an eye on #vmunderground Twitter feed for the latest updates on this year’s VMunderground.


-Sean Clark