2011-Vegas Baby! (MOAvB)

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The Nitty Gritty

For the last few years, a small, unofficial crew has been organizing a rapidly growing event to meet up, have a few drinks, socialize, network, and generally get psyched up for vmworld the night before it all gets started. This started as a community effort and we remain true to our roots this year.

This will be the FIFTH year we’ve organized this event, the third year we’ve gotten FANTASTIC sponsors. This year boys and girls, we’re raising the bar (for part 5).

So get ready. Our sponsors are lined up, and our location has been booked.

Be sure to check in here for more details! Alternatively, updates will also be posted on twitter as we did last year so be sure to follow the crew:


Looking forward to seeing you all in vegas this year for the Mother of All vBeers, stay tuned for more details!

unofficial vmworld party as a service provider


Sunday August 28th.7-10PM

Be on time this year, the beer will be cold and the food will be hot.

We’ve had a lot of questions about vOdgeball this year.  Listen, we’re kicking off at 7 PM.  We want a full house and there’s a wait list.  If you have a ticket and aren’t there by 7:15ish we’re going to assume you’re a no show. Someone else is going to get your spot.  Sorry.

We’ll more than likely stick around after the doors open, if you can’t get in, we hope to see you then!


Registration has sold out!  Find out more at our eventbrite ticketing page.


The Nine Fine Irishman (ALL OF IT) in New York New York Hotel and Casino.

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